Bolon x Tekla Severin: Dimensions of Colour at Formex 2023

Colourist and multidisciplinary designer Tekla Severin chose Bolon vinyl tiles from the Artisan collection for her eclectic installation ”Dimensions of Colour” at Formex 2023 named “Dimensions of Colour” at the fair Formex 2023 with the topic: “Colour Vibes”. The space is an interesting visual journey where visitors will walk through rooms and explore a breath-taking […]

New collection from Berry Alloc – High pressure floors

Stella Global is honored to introduce the new Berry Alloc high-pressure floors which are designed to withstand the extreme impact and contained various elements of Norway’s stunning landscapes. The high-pressure floors will let you design your dream room because they are incredibly durable yet incredibly elegant. The design of these durable floors breathes harmony and […]

Kasho nightclub in HCM

We’re delighted to see our Void Acoustics system pulling in the crowds at Kasho – an uber-glamorous nightclub in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city. “Stella Global appointed Saigon AV, a local team of sound engineers and technicians that the company had worked with in the past, to install the system, which includes Void […]

Carpet tile -New collection – Shanghai

Tuntex’s Shanghai Collection: Premium, Classic & Comfortable Carpets Stella Global Vietnam is pleased to present the new “Shanghai” collection by Tuntex. “1933 Shanghai ” was once the Shanghai Municipal Council building. It was built with concrete, glass, and steel, giving it a unique industrial aura. “1933” went through renovation in 1998 and has now become […]

A New Collection By Tuntex -Linen

Stella Global Vietnam is pleased to present the new “Linen” collection by Tuntex. Linen is known as one of the most durable natural fibers with a very soft and light texture. The way linen fabric is woven provides an exceptional performance in hot and humid weather as well as a unique pattern that brings a […]