A Dong Riverside

⚡ Project: A Dong Riverside

⚡ Location: Ho Chi Minh City

⚡ Product: Nylon Printed Carpet

Printed Nylon Carpet is widely used in various spaces, especially hotels, resorts, wedding venues, and conference halls, for the following reasons:
✅ Made from 100% synthetic nylon fibers, the carpet’s surface is really soft, bringing a comfortable and soothing sensation for the users’ feet.
✅ The high elasticity ensures that the carpet is durable and could be under high pressure, even in heavy traffic areas, without breaking or flatting.
Printed Nylon Carpet also has outstanding safety features such as fire resistance and anti-static properties, providing absolute trust for the users.
✅ The carpet is designed with a variety of colors and captivating patterns, meeting every preferences of customers.

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