We are continuously updating our products. Below are the latest additions to our catalogue.


We have made it our mission not only to inspire our clients to unleash their inner interior designer but offer products and services which are perfect for your flooring needs.

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Stella offers a range of modern high performance, woven, vinyl, and specialty wallcoverings, in both patterns and solids, that add nuance or expression to any interior.

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Architectural Hardware

We put our knowledge to practical use to ensure that our customers have the correct product and the very best installation, be it for commercial, industrial or institutional projects.

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Electronic Door Locks

Say goodbye to lost, stolen and just plain forgotten keys. Our top electronic locks offer keyless entry and other smart ways to unlock your door.

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Speciality Fabrics

Our ability to uniquely combine chemistry to textile surfaces creates a broad offering of hospitality performance fabrics for top-of-bed applications, window treatments, and accent fabrics. Our fabrics are design oriented and meet the needs of industrial laundering performance while being cutting edge in fashion.

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Our aim is to offer a user friendly and professional acoustic consultancy services to our clients in all sectors. We are here to help and are pleased to work on projects of all sizes.

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