TUNTEX is China’s leading carpet manufacturer dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods. Through its global network of industry experts, TUNTEX has risen to global prominence through the environmentally conscious production of high quality carpets for the international market.

TUNTEX was first established as a producer and exporter of carpets in 1969. The company expanded over the following decades and in 1994 opened what was to be the largest production facility by floor area in the whole of China. From its base in Suzhou, TUNTEX continued its growth and celebrated the new millennium through its partnership with DuPont (now INVISTA) Learn More

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TUNTEX is committed to continuing its history of high-quality production and service provision. Never content to let technology pass it by, TUNTEX is striving to make its carpets safer and more durable than ever with innovative new materials and production techniques. Above all, TUNTEX aims to build on its past record of environmental stewardship by exploring new methods in green manufacturing, ensuring that China’s first green carpet manufacturer remains on top.

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